How to Choose the Best Pizza Stone Material

Your home oven is a broiling, burning inferno that can bake any dinner in its path! Except for homemade pizza, it struggles with that one.

Home ovens just can’t get hot enough to make the perfect slice. That’s why a baking stone is a perfect sidekick. They can retain the heat that the oven dishes out to produce a killer pizza.

Choosing the right material can make or break your cooking. Here are just a few of the best pizza stone materials the baking world has to offer you.

1. Clay/Stone

Clay and stone are classics in the pizza stone world. They absorb moisture as the pizza bakes which produces a pretty crispy crust. They come in many shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find one that can fit your needs.

The only issues with using clay or stone are the fact that you’ll have to preheat your oven for at least 30 minutes, they can be a little difficult to clean, and they can break or crack.

2. Steel

Steel is another great choice to go with. It tends to conduct heat better than stone and will cook your pizza more evenly at lower temperatures. They are also pretty sturdy, they won’t break or crack.

Another awesome thing about steel is that it doesn’t just bake pizza. You’ll find that it will be easier to make pizza, fresh bread, pastries, and much more.

The problems you might run into is the expense. They can be a little bit on the pricey side and they’re heavy. They don’t have handles so it’s really hard to move it once it gets hot.

3. Cast Iron

Did you know you can use a cast iron skillet to make pizza? If you don’t want to buy new equipment this is certainly in the realm of possibilities.

It heats up quickly, it’s easy to clean, and it has handles so you can move it in and out of the oven easily.

The only real con is that though it has handles for easy moving it can be kind of heavy.

4. Cordierite

Cordierite is very expensive but seriously durable. It is known to handle heat like no other stone on the market.

It’s also thermal shock resistant. This means that you can take it from a low temperature to a really high one without cracking or breaking it. A cordierite stone will keep you pushing out pizza for years to come.

The Best Pizza Stone for Your Home

The best pizza stone is the one that caters to your needs the most. There are some that are easy to use and clean but won’t last you as long. You can also get one that’s durable and won’t break but be too heavy to move out of the oven. Whatever your needs, you’ll be sure to find one that will make the perfect pizza for you.

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