The Different Types of Pizza Crust Explained

Close your eyes and think of the best pizza you ever had. Was it the sauce that made it so great, or maybe the unique combination of toppings?

Maybe it was the crust.

The quality of the crust is one of the best ways to judge different types of pizza. Whether you love a nice, fluffy crust with a bit of a crunch or you like a thinner crust with more crunch to it, if the crust isn’t right, the whole pizza is wrong.

Keep reading to discover some of the most common types of pizza crust.

1. Neopolitan Crust

The Neopolitan crust is the Godfather of all pizza crusts. Not because it’s necessarily the best (that’s subjective), but because it’s the original.

A Neopolitan crust is one that is thin and light, yet crunchy. It provides a nice texture contrast to the ooey-gooey sauce and cheese of the pizza. The key to a Neopolitan crust is to mend the dough with care by hand and get the heat of the pizza stone just right.

2. New York Style Crust

New York Style pizza crust is kind of like the Neopolitan, but it’s actually a bit softer. This is what makes the large pizzas New York is known for easy to fold down the middle. A Neopolitan one would break if someone tried to do that, but with a New York pizza, the dough has a little bit of give without compromising the crunch.

3. Chicago Deep Dish Crust

Up next is the Chicago Deep Dish. This is another common pizza debate, as New Yorkers and Chicago natives feel very strongly about their types of pizza.

A deep dish pizza can be as thick as two inches, and it’s usually made in an elevated pan. This allows the crust to have an edge to it and go up, similar to the way the end of a cake would. Deep dish crust is ideal for people who love to add a lot of toppings on their pizza.

4. Sicilian Crust

If you like a thick crust but you don’t want it to be too thick, try making a Sicilian pizza. This kind of crust is about an inch or so in thickness, commonly known as pan pizza. The crust has a crunch on the outside and a fluff on the inside, but it doesn’t overpower all the flavors of the sauce and toppings.

5. Flatbread Crust

The final pizza crust worth mentioning is flatbread. This is as thin as it gets. It’s nice when you want a light meal or an easy-to-make pizza. It’s hard to mess up a flatbread crust, and so easy to enjoy it.

Create Delicious Meals with These Different Types of Pizza Crusts

You can read about the different types of pizza crust all you want, but until you start working with the dough, you won’t be able to perfect each one. Try your hand at making your favorite pizza first, then work on the others.

For more pizza making tips and tricks, keep checking in with the blog!

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