Your Guide for Choosing the Best Cheese for Pizza

Calling all foodie-extraordinaries!

Whether that’s you, (or you wish it was), we’ve got the complete breakdown for choosing the best cheese for pizza out there.

Get ready to wow with your next homemade pizza party by following these simple cheese-choosing guidelines.

Pizza’s First Love: Mozzarella

Because we’re betting you’re a perfectionist when it comes to cooking, (why else would you be reading a blog about it?), we’re going to give it to you straight:

Mozzarella cheese is pizza’s first love.

Suuuuure, you can get a little crazy and try some “other cheeses.”

We won’t say it hasn’t happened before, parmesan has been known to tango with pizza from time to time.

Cheddar has even had its day, or provolone cheese.

These cheeses are all fine and good if you’re looking to do something exotic.

But when it comes to versatility, standard goodness, and simply the best cheese for melting on a delicious pizza, one might say to the mozzarella: pizza “only has eyes for you.”

The Problem with Mozzarella

You may read this and think, “Ok, got it. Mozzarella is the best,” only to fly off to the store and grab the nearest bag of shredded Mozzarella.

Resist the urge!

Quality pizza takes time, as does quality cheese…

Avoiding Soggy Pizza

Ever had a pizza that just seemed…soggy? No one likes that, and most people might assume it’s the fault of the sauce.

Those people would likely be wrong.

Cheese is often the culprit.

Many would-be-pro chefs spend extra for the “fresh” mozzarella, thinking it will enhance the taste of their pizza.

But, just think about how fresh mozzarella is packaged. It’s wrapped in plastic with water to preserve its fresh taste.

This added moisture often causes problems when baking as the excess water saturates the dough, making it hard to bake.

The result?

Wet, pooling, pizza.

The Perfect Mozzarella Pick

To avoid unappetizing sogginess, your best bet is to choose a low-moisture mozzarella.

This type of mozzarella sours a bit longer, but it will taste good and create a great texture for your pizza once it’s baked.

It may not seem as fancy when you’re purchasing it, but it will end up being the best cheese for your pizza.

Choosing Fresh Anyway?

For those who simply cannot get past the notion that “fresh must be best,” here are a few tips on making the best of fresh mozzarella on your pizza pie:

  • Do a fresh, and low-moisture combo
  • Slice the fresh mozzarella into very thin slices before placing on your pizza
  • Try soaking up some of the moisture with a cloth or paper towel before adding to your pizza

While none of these hacks for fresh mozzarella are as sure to provide you with the perfect pizza as using a low-moisture cheese, they are a step in the right direction.

The Best Cheese for Pizza

The best cheese for pizza does not equate the most expensive. Create a delicious pizza-masterpiece with the less costly, low-moisture mozzarella.

For more scrumptious pizza ideas, check out our best pizza reviews.

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